Which Bible Translation Should I Use?

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Often, as a gospel preacher, I am asked which Bible translation I would recommend. I always recommend the King James Version, the American Standard Version (1901) or the New King James version and personally prefer the King James.┬á There are several considerations that I have taken into account when deciding upon these particular translations. Mainly, […]

Sin is Always a Choice

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There is a prominent teaching in the religious world today that mankind is a fallen creature. What is meant by this is that since sin entered the garden through the sin of Adam and Eve, it has caused man to become inherently sinful ÔÇô that all men since the time of Adam have inherited a […]

All Hat and No Horse

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Years ago, I worked for an electronics company with a guy who tried very hard to look, act and speak like a real cowboy… the problem was he was not a real cowboy… In fact, he had grown up in the city and was working as an electronics technician ÔÇô about as far from being […]