2017 Audio Sermons

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Gospel Meeting with Creston Frizzel,  April 9-12, 2017

2017 Oak Grove Summer Sermon Series

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Archived Sermons


Date Title Audio Pres.
09-03_AM It Is Well With My Soul mp3
09-03_PM Some Things That Do Not Change mp3
08-27_AM Lovest Thou Me?  mp3
08-27_PM Do You Know How to Fight? mp3
08-20_AM The 23rd Psalm mp3
08-20_PM Not Ashamed of the Gospel mp3
08-13_AM What is Self- Righteousness? mp3
08-13_PM The Brazen Serpent mp3
08-06_AM The Spirit of Compromise mp3
08-06_PM Holy Holy Holy mp3
07-30_AM Death in the Pot mp3
07-30_PM  Nathan's Rebuke mp3
07-16_AM Who is the Son of Man? mp3
07-16_PM The Bride of Christ mp3
07-09_AM The Choices of Zacchaeus and the Rich Young Ruler mp3
07-09_PM Nine Great Lessons from the Book of Jonah mp3
07-02_AM Parable of the Two Sons mp3
07-02_PM My Responsibility to the Church mp3
06-25_AM Gifts From Above mp3
06-18_AM The Greatest Need (Sean McLaughlin) mp3
06-18_PM These Words of Mine (Michael Brown) mp3
06-11_AM My Personal Prayer Life mp3
06-11_PM The Role of the Elderly in the Church mp3
06-04_AM Cover Your Body mp3
06-04_PM What Mean These Stones mp3
05-28_AM The Three Crosses mp3
05-28_PM When A Christian Sins mp3
05-14_AM Deacons 101_Their Role and Reward mp3
05-14_PM What Job Learned Through Suffering mp3
05-07_AM Deacons 101_The Requirements mp3
05-07_PM The Ark and the Church mp3
4-23_AM Why Believe in God mp3
4-23_PM I Would Rather Suffer Than Sin mp3
4-16_AM The Lord's Day mp3
4-16_PM Overcoming Hatred mp3
4-2_AM Have Confidence in Your Salvation mp3 pdf
4-2_PM Reactions to the Truth mp3
3-26_AM The Strengths and Weaknesses of King Asa mp3
3-26_PM The Ten Commandments mp3
3-19_AM When I am Offended mp3 pdf
3-19_PM Three Little Words mp3
3-12_AM Why Bolts Fail mp3 pdf
3-12_PM Seven Walks of the Ephesians mp3 pdf
3-5_AM Are You Listening? mp3 pdf
3-5_PM Overcoming Anger mp3 pdf
2-26_AM Beautiful Feet mp3
2-26_PM I Will Sing mp3
2-19_AM This World is Not My Home mp3 pdf
2-19_PM Think on These Things mp3
2-12_AM The Origin of the Soul wma
2-12_PM Four Bible Fools wma
2-5_AM The Jericho March of Faith wma
2-5_PM What is Baptism? wma
1-29_AM The Bitter Root wma
1-29_PM A Great Catch wma
1-22-17_AM The Christian Connection wma
1-22-17_PM This is Your Wake-up Call wma
1-22-17_PM Elders' Report wma
1-15-17_PM The Mind of Christ wma
1-8_AM God Pursues Man wma
1-8_PM Satan Pursues Man wma
1-1_AM Does God Mean What He Says? wma
1-1_PM The Raising of Lazarus wma