2018 Audio Sermons

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2018 Spring Gospel Meeting: Gaining Godly Perspective

2018 Oak Grove Summer Sermon Series

2018 Fall Gospel Meeting

Archived Sermons

April 8, The Wilderness of Depression, Listen

April 8, God -The Rock of My Salvation, Listen

April 1, The Grace of God, mp3

Apri1, Fools For Christ’s Sake, mp3

March 18, The Church Moving Forward_ Attitudes to Develop, mp3

March 18, Preach Jesus and Leave Others Alone?, mp3 

March 11, The Church Moving Forward_Opportunities to Take, mp3

March 11, Do We Need a New Gospel?, mp3

March 4, The Church Moving Forward_Dangers to Avoid, mp3

March 4, Proving Your Faith, mp3

February 25, The Church Moving Forward_Enemies to Defeat, mp3

February 25, Joseph a Type of Jesus, mp3

February 18, The Church Moving Forward_Challenges to Accept, mp3

February 18, Four Biblical Principles for Personal Finance, mp3

February 11, Lift High Our Banner, mp3

February 11, The False Doctrine of Original Sin, mp3

February 4, Parable of the Sower, mp3

February 4, Falling Out of Love With the World, mp3

January 28, The Altar of Witness, mp3

January 28, Redeeming the Time, mp3

January 21, The Godhead, mp3

January 21, No_A Little Word, mp3

January 14, How to Restore the New Testament Church, mp3

January 14, Appointed Once to Die, mp3

January 7, The Church and Denominations, mp3

January 7, The Boy Jesus, mp3