2022 Fall Family Seminar

Join us this October 2nd through 5th for a fall family seminar discovering ways to grow in faith as we study together and gain understanding for how to get our families to Heaven. The whole family will gain insights and direction as we look to scripture to learn how God wants families to function and work together.

2022 Fall Family Seminar | Oak Grove Church of Christ, with Joe Wells

Oak Grove Fall Family Seminar with Joe Wells

Joe Wells

Guest Speaker: Joe Wells

Joe Wells earned his B.S. degree in Science, a certificate of completion from the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies, and a Masters of Ministry degree from Freed Hardeman University. Joe travels the country as a frequent speaker for youth and family events, men’s days, as well as gospel meetings.

Additionally, he is the co-founder of Kaio Publications, publishers of the Family Devotional series as well as the Finer Grounds Bible Study series for women. Joe has authored several books about faith, culture and spirituality.

He and his wife Erin are the co-hosts of The Hey Joe Show, a podcast designed to challenge and strengthen families and teens across America.  They are the proud parents of four beautiful children: Colton, Michala, Camden, and Bennett.

Fall Family Seminar Lessons

Lesson One: First Things First

It’s been wisely said before, “Keep the first thing, first.” Sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day activities of family life, we need to be reminded of the basics or the “first things.” In this lesson, we look into the book of Matthew and remind ourselves of the fundamental elements of walking in this world while leading our families to heaven.

Lesson Two: Fathers Arise: Follow Me as I Follow Christ

When you stop to think about how children learn there is no doubt an element of verbal teaching that takes place. However, there is a greater degree of modeling and their imitating that modeling that deeply impresses the main lessons in their thinking and thus in their lives. We all learned from watching and doing what we saw. Spiritually, this learning method is extremely important as well. In this lesson, we will look at the apostle Paul’s charge to the church in Corinth when he tells them to “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

Lesson Three: Marriage Day to Day

While marriage is beautiful and such a blessing, it’s also a lot of work. In this lesson, we dive in to the reality of marriage and are reminded that we choose one another. Never forget that…you choose your spouse, and as time is quickly running out, we must make time to cultivate a marriage that will daily be a blessing.

Lesson Four: Your Home a Castle

God has given men, women, and children responsibilities within the home. We have got to fulfill those roles and begin to look at our home as a place of protection and security.

Lesson Five: Standards for Personal Relationships

For some, treating those outside our families with respect and honor seems to come easier than treating our own family with such. Maybe it’s because we know the boss would fire us if we ever talked to him that way. Why do we do that? Why do we at times treat outsiders better than our family? This lesson lays out the reality that there is a standard for how we treat one another within the home.

Lesson Six: Painting the Picture

In the Bible, there are only two places where those in your family will spend eternity…Heaven or Hell. With your family being a blank canvas, every brush stroke you make adds to the picture. There are “do-overs”, and every stroke counts. The only question is, “Are you painting a picture that has your family going to Heaven or Hell?” This lesson is a serious charge and call to intentionality and awareness when it comes to leading our families to heaven.

Seminar Schedule:

  • Sunday, October 2, 2022
    9:30 a.m. Bible Study : Lesson One: First Things First
  • 10:20 am Worship: Lesson Two: Follow Me As I Follow Christ
  • 5:00 pm Worship: Lesson Three: Marriage Day to Day
  • Monday October 3rd, through Wednedsay, October 5th, 7:00 pm
    • Lesson Four: Your Home a Castle
    • Lesson Five: Standards for Personal Relationships
    • Lesson Six: Painting the Picture

We hope to see you for this family seminar as we learn to put first things first, model Christianity for our children, cultivate our marriages, understand the scriptural roles in family, develop personal relationships and living intentionally with the goal of getting our families to Heaven.

Location: 104 SW 6th Street, Oak Grove, Missouri.