Our Voice and Our Vote

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When men and women of moral principles speak out on issues today the whine of the opposition is ÔÇ£YouÔÇÖre violating separation of church and stateÔÇØ. Such intimidation is often strong enough to cause Christians to retreat and ÔÇ£leave politics to the politiciansÔÇØ. Since when did homosexuality, abortion(murder), evolution(denial of God), and other like issues become […]

This Church is Liberal!

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In a report concerning the church in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky in 1846, J.T. Johnson said, ÔÇ£This church is Liberal’ÔÇ£. In today’s ÔÇ£religiousÔÇØ vernacular that would not be a compliment. However, he meant it in a less common usage, meaning that that church was generous. He spoke of them in the same way Paul spoke of […]

Welcome Home!

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There is a wonderful feeling experienced by one who returns home, knowing that he was missed and is welcome back. Whether it┬Àbe a large banner, a yellow ribbon ’round the old Oak tree, or just a warm smile, the message is the same; and it’s necessary, for none of us want to return in an […]