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Give Me Coffee!

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What was life like without coffee? Before coffee found its way to Europe and the Americas the people in those regions were very sleepy and depressed because they did not have coffee to drink. (Historical fact I just made up.) Coffee had been, up until the 1700’s, a very tightly controlled commodity that was monopolized […]

The Greatest of Valentines the Gospel by, Jack McNiel | Oak Grove Church of Christ

The Greatest of Valentines

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February 14th, is known as Valentine’s Day.  It is a day in which we like to express our love for our “sweethearts.” On that day, we will give and receive Valentine’s cards, eat chocolate and quote love poetry to one another, “My love is like a red, red, rose that’s newly sprung in June…” We […]

Is the Church of Christ a Cult? An Answer to the Accusation | Oak Grove Church of Christ

Is the Church of Christ a Cult?

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Is the Church of Christ a Cult? This question arises because often the media or preachers in denominations make an accusation stating that churches of Christ are cults. In so doing, the public, or seekers of truth may be dissuaded to examine the churches of Christ to see what doctrine they teach. We want to […]