The Greatest of Valentines the Gospel by, Jack McNiel | Oak Grove Church of Christ

The Greatest of Valentines

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February 14th, is known as Valentine’s Day.  It is a day in which we like to express our love for our “sweethearts.” On that day, we will give and receive Valentine’s cards, eat chocolate and quote love poetry to one another, “My love is like a red, red, rose that’s newly sprung in June…” We […]

The Devil's War | Oak Grove Church of Christ, Jack McNiel, Evangelist

The Devil’s War

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There have been many wars fought throughout history. Wars of conquest. Wars of punitive action. Wars of liberation. Wars, battles, blood-feuds and the like have been taking place for as long as man has dwelled upon the earth. Prior to any of these earthly wars and battles, there was a spiritual warfare being waged by […]

Did Jesus Provide Alcohol? | Oak Grove Church of Christ

Did Jesus Provide Alcohol?

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Many have tried to justify the consumption of beverage alcohol based upon the Gospel account of Jesus turning water into wine in the John 2:1-11. Let us begin to answer this question with the Biblical definition of the word, wine. In the New Testament, wine is translated from the Greek word oinos. This is a […]