Be Not Unwise

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Ephesians 5:17 ÔÇ£Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.ÔÇØ In this passage, Paul exhorts the Ephesian brethren to be not unwise, but instead, to be wise. True wisdom is the knowledge and understanding of the will of God and the application thereof. The will of God is found […]

Confession and Repentance

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Repentance is a change of life resulting from a changed attitude toward sin. One who has repented has turned from a life of sin toward a life of humble submission to God and His Word. There are many examples of this change of life found in the Bible. Such as the Christians in the Greek […]

Acceptable Sexual Relationship

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The Bible is clear on what is an acceptable sexual relationship. The ONLY sexual relationship that God approves of is between a man and woman who are married to one another. I believe the Bible. If you ask me about homosexuality or sex outside of marriage, or adultery, etc., etc. The answer is still the […]

Sin is Always a Choice

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There is a prominent teaching in the religious world today that mankind is a fallen creature. What is meant by this is that since sin entered the garden through the sin of Adam and Eve, it has caused man to become inherently sinful ÔÇô that all men since the time of Adam have inherited a […]