Summer Series: Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia | Oak Grove Church of Christ

Each summer we invite guest speakers from the region to join us on Wednesday evenings for a summer series. For 2018 the topic each speaker discussed was Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, found in the book of Revelation chapters 2 and 3.

We can examine these first century congregations in order to learn from the final messages that Christ left for them.

  • What can we learn from these messages?
  • How can we change our own lives, our own congregation, our own outlook on what’s to come?

By seeing how Christ instructed them through the vision He gave to the Apostle John there are many important lessons to be learned.

Would you like to learn more about the message of the Revelation of Jesus Christ concerning the Seven Churches of Asia during the first century? You can, by listening to each of the lessons in the series below.

Summer Series: Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia
June through July 2018

We invite you to explore these valuable, and timeless letters that our Savior sent to the church that He loved so much that He died for her in order to glean from them the truths of how He desires for us to live and conduct our lives, His doctrine, and hold to His truth.