Andrew the Missionary Apostle

Andrew the Missionary Apostle
November 10, 2019
Passage: John 1:35-42
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John the Baptist is at the River Jordan he behold the lamb of God. He knew his role was to turn men from following him, to following Christ.

John knew and preached that He must increase, while John himself was to decrease. John and Andrew upon hearing the testimony of John, turned and followed Jesus.

Who was Andrew?

vs. 40, Andrew was Simon Peter’s brother. He was an ordinary man. But, in he simply brought his brother Peter to Christ. Then, it seems, he steps back in the background.

We often think if we have someone else’s abilities we could do great things. But, God doesn’t command us to do the work of another, but to do our own talents.

  • Mark 13:34
  • 1 Corinthians 3:8

Andrew, we see, did his part. He went about introducing others to Jesus.

He Was a Convinced Man

“We have found the Messiah.” He was convinced. Because he was convinced he was able to convince his brother.

Christianity centers around a person, Christ, and that is what Andrew recognized. Salvation is ultimately a decision to follow the Messiah.

Andrew was a Communicating Man

Andrew introduced someone to Jesus.

First, he found his brother and introduced him to Jesus.

  • Acts 10:24

Like Cornelius who sought to have his friends and family with him when receiving the gospel, Andrew sought to introduce Christ in his own household first.

Peter, ultimately, became a great defender of Christ. But, Andrew could not know this when he introduced Peter to the Messiah.

  • Proverbs 17:24

Andrew had no special training to share the truth. He simply knew that Jesus was the Messiah and he wanted to share the news with his brother.

  • Psalm 51:12-13

Knowing the joy of salvation, David wanted others to know the joy that he knew.

There are church members who never share the joy of the Lord with others.

  • John 6:5-9

Andrew brought the lad to Christ. He trusted that Jesus could do the rest. Multitudes of people were fed. No man ever knows what will happen when you bring someone to Jesus.

  • Proverbs 22:6

Bible class teachers can slowly teach a child the story of the word. And, sadly people think they many not hear or understand. But, who knows that one day they may grow up and  become a great soul winner for Christ.

It may be in the matter of soul winning that we fail to grow because we fail to bring others to Christ.

  • Zechariah 4:10

At times it might seem to be a small thing to introduce others to Christ. But, God tells us to not despise the samll things.

The widow, even though it was only 2 mites, is remembered forever because out of her poverty she gave all that she had.

Andrew introduced a group of Greeks to Jesus

  • John 12:20

Andrew and Philip tell Jesus about these Greeks who had come to see Jesus.

  • Matthew 15:24
  • John 10:16

Philip could have gone to one of the other apostles with his problem. But in stead he went oto Andrew.

  • John 12:32

Every time Andrew is brought to the forefront in scripture he is bringing others to Christ.

Andrew was a Contented Man

He went about continually trying to introduce others to Christ.

It would seem that he was content to let his brother retain the limelight. We can all be newar Jesus. It would seem that he didn’t care who received the credit.

Yet, Andrew is the one who led the one who mightily preached Jesus on the day of Pentecost;

We need people who are willing to do things behind the scenes, that dont get a lot of credit. But, it is those things that show the love of Christians, like Christ, for others.

Andrew was a Christian, a child of God. He is guaranteed a place in Heaven.

You can also be given that guarantee if you have brought your life in compliance with God’s word. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. We receive the forgiveness of our sins when we are obedient to His word. When we believe in Christ, repent of our sins, and confess His name, being baptized for the forgiveness of sins and living a life in faithfulness to Him.

- Jack McNiel, Evangelist

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