Being OK with God’s Plans

Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 17 | Speaker: Noah Olson | Series: Sermon Archives | Good morning. It is a blessing to be able to be with you this morning. I want to start by expressing my appreciation to the congregation, number one, for her support spiritually and monetarily. It is a blessing to be supported by faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. 

The singing this morning, was beautiful. Was it not? It was beautiful to be able to sing to our God in Heaven. 

1 Chronicles 17

Our lesson this morning is being okay with God’s plans. 

You think about life, it takes unexpected turns. You think about a man who may lose his job and now cannot support his family. You think about an unexpected death that may occur in the family. You think about one who may have found out that they have just been diagnosed with a disease. And now, they have to live with that, perhaps, for the rest of their lives.

You think sometimes, we may have certain ideas on how we think things ought to go. 

You think about Samuel in first Samuel 16, in which he thought Eliab would be a good choice for king, but God had someone else. We know that to be David. You think about Peter, who thought it wise to defend Christ with violence. When you go to the garden in John 18. And you think about David, and this is in our text this morning, David thought it wise, he wanted to build a house for God. But, God had something different. We need to remember that submitting our plans, or submitting ourselves to God, will work out better for us in the future.

Even though we think that something may work out. Even though we think that our ideas, our plans, and our thoughts might be better, let’s remember a couple of things. Number one, submitting ourselves, these are not our main points, but think about this, submitting ourselves to God. 

Why are we to do this? Well, because he could direct our paths. 

Proverbs 3:5-8

We ought to trust God because He can direct our paths.

But number two, we ought to trust God because His ways are better than ours. 

Isaiah 55:8-9

1) We Need to Know that God’s Plans Are Better
God knows better than we. We ought to submit to God’s will because He already has seen the future. You think about that with God. Think about one who already knows where we’re going to be, what we’re going to say, what we’re going to think. Why ought not, we to include him in our planning?

But, I like this point we ought to submit ourselves to God’s will because He wants the best for us. I like that point. And we’re going to stress that as we go throughout our lesson, God wants the best for us.

Jeremiah 29:11

God does not want us to fail. And the more that we realize that the more we’re going to appreciate God, and we’re going to appreciate what He has in store for us.

Again, God wants to bless us. And so, when we realize that we should submit to God and His will, we’re going to be more excited in the future to see what He has in store for us. Because again, he wants the best for us. 

So let’s go to 1 Chronicle 17 and draw some lessons concerning being okay with God’s plan.

Number one, you know, sometimes we have great plans that we want to accomplish. 

1 Chronicles 17:1

Think about mankind, we have great ideas. Do we not? You think about a preacher who may have great ways for it to help the congregation evangelize. You think about an inventor, he may discover something new that could cure cancer. Think about a man who may try to build his house, build a house for his family. Great ideas, things that we have, and we may get excited about these things. We plan, get the blueprints out, and make sure that everything is in order, and, we may have good intentions in doing so. Sometimes, however good our intentions are, it’s not in the will of God. Sometimes we need to remember that. 

Although David had good intentions, we see in verse one, he wanted to build a house for God, but although as good as his intentions were God had something else different.

I think about us today. Sometimes we have, may have great ideas or we may think that something ought to go a certain way, but God has something else. So we need to keep that in mind.
2) We Need to Consult God in Our Planning
Sometimes, we have great plans we want to accomplish, but number two, sometimes we have great plans that we want to accomplish, but forget to consult God. I think this is an important lesson.

1 Samuel 17:2-4

David wanted to build a house for God. Nathan is the prophet. Nathan is there, but notice verse two.

I think about us today, sometimes we forget to consult the one in the higher position. Perhaps a preacher may have this great idea, but he forgets to consult the elders. And so, the idea is it’s not going to, because it’s going to either maybe hurt the congregation or maybe it’s not.

Think about it in the business world, a junior analyst may forget to consult his boss before making a big decision. And he decided that, and now it hurt the company. And think about maybe a husband or a wife and they may make an enormous purchase without consulting the other first. And they realize we didn’t have enough money to do so.

We need to remember that consulting God is the best decision that we need to do. We need to include God in our planning. Again, as we’ve talked about, He knows all things.

But think about the prophet, Nathan, He did not. He should have said, let me talk to God first, but he said, go ahead, David, go do what, what is in your heart.

And of course, he had to go back to David because he didn’t consult God. And so we need to remember to not speak where God has not spoken. We need to remember that when we forget to consult God, we sometimes may often find ourselves in unfortunate situations. We need to remember to consult God.

You think about a parent who wants to be involved in their child’s life. You think about maybe being involved in sports, or performances, think music, things of that nature. They want to be involved in their lives. That’s God. God wants to be involved in his Creation’s life. We need to involve Him in our lives.

Because He wants to be involved. So let’s involve God in the things that we do. 

And we know that David’s statement was later turned down again because God was not in agreement with his proposition. Again, Nathan should have gone to God before telling David that the thing about let’s ask ourselves this question for application.

How often do we forget to consult God or include God in our planning? 

Perhaps we’re on vacation. Do we remember, well, it’s Sunday and I need to find a place to worship God today? Or say, well, I’m on vacation. I will skip this Sunday? Or, we’re at work. Do you remember to consult God in your planning? We’re at the store? Do we remember to consult God in our planning? 

Wherever the case might be? We need to remember to include God and our plans.

James 4:13-15

We need to remember to include God in every decision that we make. Whether that be big, whether that be small, God needs to be included. Often we may say, what would God do? Or you might remember those, those bracelets, what would Jesus do? That’s what we ought to do. What would God say in this situation? 

We need to remember not to always give a rash answer.

Proverbs 18:13

We need to remember that before we make a decision, let’s include God in our planning. Let’s think about the things that we’re going through. And maybe, perhaps we think that our way is better than God’s. That’s never true. That can never be true because God’s ways are always perfect. And God’s ways are always beneficial if we trust in Him.

Think about before making a big decision what ought we to do? Yes, we ought to consult God, but what are some steps that we ought to take? 

Four steps to Making a Decision

We ought to pray – Luke 6:12, James 1:5
We need to submit to God
Consult the older, wiser, and more experienced. 
Examine both the benefits and hindrances of the decision.

And so, yes, before we make a big decision, number two, sometimes we may have great plans that we want to accomplish. We need to consult God.
3) Sometimes, God Says No
Number three, think about it like with David, sometimes we have great plans. Sometimes we may think that things will go well. Sometimes we may have this great desire, this great thing to accomplish, this goal. But, God says, and you think about there, there are four answers to prayer.

Four Answers to Prayer 

He may say yes. 
He may say no.
He may say, yes but you need to wait.
He may say, no but I’m going to give you something better. 

God wants the best for us.

And sometimes we need to remember that God’s noes are a blessing. 

1 Chronicles 17:3

That’s a no, that’s an answer. David wanted to build a house. God said, no, you shall not build me an house to dwell in. So after telling David it was okay to do so Nathan heard from the Lord and he told him that God said, no.

You think about God, like the parent that tells his child no. But, not to provoke the child, not to make him mad, not to see if he can get them riled up, not to see if he can make him angry, but for his benefit. Because he loves his children.

And you think about God, God tells us no for many reasons. You think about God, perhaps the thing that we petitioned for maybe would harm us. You think about perhaps the thing we petitioned for was just for our own lusts. 

James 4:3

And perhaps the thing we petitioned for God says no because it was not good enough. 

Jeremiah 29:11

 Again, we reiterate the idea that God wants the best for us.

And sometimes we may think that we have the best for us, but God says, no, I know better because again, He can see in the future. 

You think about this, every time we look back and we see that God’s plan was always better. We may think about, for instance, we may request something from God. Father, please allow me to have this job, to get this job. God says, no. And so years later, this man sees this and he says, man, I’m so glad God said, no to my request. 

Think about a man who’s in a relationship with someone, with a girl, and he says God, I want to marry her I hope this can work out. God says, no. Years later he marries a Christian woman. He says, God, I’m so thankful that you said no.

Friends, God’s noes, are a blessing when we see how things work out. 

You think about this, God allows us to go through trials because it may help us in the long run. I think about the various trials that each one of us personally goes through. And you can think about that for our personal selves, the trials that we face, the things that God allows us to go through, and after we overcome that, think about how much of a blessing that was. I think about, you know, I went through that perhaps for a said goal, perhaps I can help others. 

We need to remember that God’s noes are a blessing. 

2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Let’s understand that even though God says, no, his noes are a blessing. And you think about when we apply that to our lives, when we ask of God, God says no, we understand that. We trust God. [We think] okay, God, I trust you. We’re going to be better in the future, knowing that God knows best.

And you think about it, I like this point, if God says it, then it must be good. 

Proverbs 2:6

Whatever God says, it must be good. Let’s trust God.

Number three, sometimes we may, we may have great plans. And even though we think it may work out, we may have good intentions like David did, but sometimes God says, no. 
4) Sometimes, God has something Greater Planned
Sometimes we may have great plans, and again, I like this point, but God had something greater. 

1 Chronicles 17:5-14

David wasn’t going to build God a house, but God would build him a house. And you think about the idea of the Messianic nature in this, in this passage as well. Think about it sometimes, again, we may have great plans and we may have great ideas, but God has something greater.

And so we need to trust that we need to remember that, that God has our best interest in mind, even though we may think it might not work out, or we think that we have something else in mind, let’s remember that God has something greater.

You think about, in our lives, I think sometimes we, as Christians may fail in this, this aspect of how we look at God. Sometimes, I think we look at God as One who is just up in Heaven and we are His “slaves” and that if you just obey Me I’ll give you a reward and I don’t really care to have a relationship with you, or just, you obey My regulations and we’ll be fine. We’re not saying that God does not require obedience because He does. Those who do not obey will be lost. However, let’s understand that God wants to have a relationship with us and it’s as a parent to a child. So let’s understand that God wants the best for us. And let’s not think that God is up in Heaven waiting and dangling temptation right in front of us, trying to out get us, wanting us to fail. Friends, that’s not God.

Sometimes we need to fix our minds on how we look at God. We need to remember that God does not want us to fail. 
“Have I any pleasure at all that the wicked should die? saith the Lord God: and not that he should return from his ways, and live?” — Ezekiel 18:23
Friends, the wicked God does not enjoy punishing the wicked. That’s not where He gets His delight.

1 Timothy 2:4

What’s, all, include? Every single one. That’s you, that’s me. That’s the person tried for murder. That’s the person that committed adultery. That’s the person that lied. That’s the person that did all of these things. God said I want you in Heaven. Friends that’s God. 

And we need to fix our attitudes, sometimes, on how we look at God. No, God is not dangling sin right in front of us. 

James 1:12-14

God doesn’t want us to fail. And God is always looking for the best. He’s not looking for the worst.

Matthew 6:26. 

You think about if all the things in the world, the birds, the lilies, the animals, all of these things are taken care of, which are not made in His image, how much more will He take care of that which is made in His image?

The answer to that question is simply, yes we are. And so, if God is going to take care of them, how much more will He take care of His people, His children.

You think about God will abundantly bless us.

James 1:17

And so, yes, let’s understand, let’s fix our attitude. Let’s remember who God is. God does not want us to fail. He’s not out to get us. He’s not trying to see how far can I get him to sin. No, that’s not God. He wants to bless us. He wants us to go to Heaven. 

And yet, sometimes we may have great plans, but God has something greater. As we see here, God will build David a house.
5) Remember to Praise and Thank God
Notice our last point, I think about sometimes we may have great plans that we want to accomplish. Sometimes we may have great ideas, but when things don’t work out, let’s remember to praise and thank God. 

God may say no. He says I have something better. So let’s trust that. 

I think about often when sometimes things don’t work out, we may complain. Sometimes you think maybe after the elder’s meeting a deacon may go home and complain to his wife. Sometimes, we just need to roll with the punches. Sometimes we just need to say, okay, I’m going to trust God. 

1 Chronicles 17:16-18

1) Number one, he’s humble. 

Think about David’s humbleness here. Are we willing to be that? Are we willing to, when God says no, when we request something of Him, when we think that this, it should go this way, God says no are willing to say, Ok, I’m humble enough to submit to your will? Yes. God will be more gracious to those who do submit to His will, rather than those who think that they know it all. Let’s submit to God. 

2) He Recognized God’s Awesomeness

1 Chronicles 17:20-22

When things do not work out to how we think they ought to, and we heard a no from God is our first answer to say thank you? To say, or to praise and to thank God? Perhaps we don’t get the job that we want, or perhaps the relationship didn’t work out, or perhaps we hear we have a specific disease. Do we say why me? Or do we say, as you’ve heard, why not me? 

Friends, we need to understand that sometimes our trials are a blessing. We need to thank God. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 

And so, yes, let’s remember that, that we need to praise and to thank God, even though things don’t work out. We can thank God for the opportunities, for the situations that we go through, and for every, and anything that we do.

1 Chronicles 17:23-27

God, let Your will be done, simply, what David is saying, even though his request was denied, his attitude was admirable.

Friends, we need to have that same attitude when God says no. Or, when we don’t get the requests that we desire. God says no, but I have something better for you. Let’s trust God and understand that His will, His knowledge, and His plans will always work out better for us in the long end. 

As we close this morning, it is not easy to submit to God’s will again, because we have our own wills. We have our own desires, we have our own thoughts. We have our own plans. And we think that it may go maybe better that my plan is better, but no, that that will never work out because God, again knows what’s best for us.

And before we make rash decisions, let’s remember to consult God, because again, our Father, our Creator, wants to be involved in His creation. Not because He has to, but because He wants to. Because He loves every one of us and He wants us to go to Heaven. And so let’s remember that. And although God may answer no to our requests, let’s remember that His noes are a blessing.

And again, He wants the best for us. 

We’ll leave the lesson there for us to consider this morning. And perhaps there’s one who has not submitted to God. Friends, God’s plan is that you would become a Christian. That you would become His child. 

Would you believe that Jesus is the son of God? Would you believe that He died for you? That Jesus is deity? You know, He is God. Would you repent of the sin that is in your life? That’s a change of mind, which leads to a change of action. I don’t want to live in the world. I want to submit to God’s plan. Would you confess that Jesus is a son of God? Would you be baptized for the remission of your sins to be added to the church, the body of Christ, and be a part of God’s family, and be able to go to Heaven one day? Again, that’s God’s will. That’s what God wants you to do. 

Perhaps, you are a Christian, but you are perhaps struggling with sin and you need to maybe confess that publicly, whatever that need may be again, let’s keep in mind that God does not want you to miss Heaven. There was not one person that God says, well, at least I got my 99. I’ll leave the one out. There’s not one person that God is content without in heaven. And that includes you. And so, if you’ll come back, God would be as that father in Luke 15 waiting for you to come home. Not because He has to, or is required to forgive you, but because He wants to forgive you because He loves you so much.

If we can assist you in turning to God please contact us. 

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