Seeking Direction: How to Handle Anxiety

Seeking Direction: How to Handle Anxiety
October 4, 2020
Passage: Genesis 15
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We look at Abram, about to become Abraham in Genesis 15. This lesson on Abram can encourage us for what is going on in our lives today.

  • Genesis 15:1

As we start this chapter we see, after these things. What is he referring to? Just look back to chapter 14. His nephew Lot had been kidnapped by a king. Abram gathered up his own fighting men. Genesis 14:14, his servants, 318, become his fighting men. He pursued this warlord, and by his efforts God rescued Lot.

After this time, Sodom's wicked king attempts to reward Abram for his bravery. It's interesting that Abram rebuffed the king, choosing to not take anything from this wicked king. Genesis 14:23.

Think of the courage it took for Abram to rebuff this king. His faith sustained him. Abram became known as the father of the faithful.

Following this Military Victory God says to Fear Not

Apparently there was something in Abram's life that caused him to be worried or fearful.

Up until this point, God had not fulfilled a promised that He had made to him.

  • God had promised him a child.
  • Had no offspring, at his point.

Abram is like us, he was looking at his physical things, and analyzing God for what he had not done.

Do we do this? Do we forget about the wonderful things God has done? Are we focused on the present?

Abram was afraid. Even after this conquering victory.

As you read about Abram's life can't you see God working in his life? Did Abram? Sure, but it seems at this time, he had forgotten.

He would be the provider of his very great reward. Yet, Abram was afraid.

During Difficult Times People Let Fear Dwell in the Heart

When difficulties time we begin to ask, Where is God?

Even though God is there in our lives we often allow ourselves to panic and have anxiety and stress in our lives that come rushing in. How do we handle this?

What is the Solution to the Anxieties and Hurts?

"Gird up the loins of your mind." - 1 Peter 1:13

If at anytime in our lives, we should be doing this now. We need to get control of our thoughts.

  • 2 Corinthians 10:5

Is bringing every thought captive,  a part of girding up your mind?

We need to take control of our thoughts and bring them into captivity to God.

God told Abram to fear not, to take control of his mind. You can get control to your mind, thoughts and emotions.

Whether or not you need help from medications, you need to let God be part of getting control of your mind.

  • Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord.  God told the father of the faithful, to fear not. We too must trust in the Lord, fear not, and lean not on our own understanding.

How do you Take Control of Your Mind?

If the father of the faithful can have worry and concern can you also? Of course, we all have worries, and fears.

We have so much going on in our lives, in our country. We can do one of 2 things. We can allow our lives to be overcome by fear or we can turn to and trust God.

  • Write down 3 things that are concerning you.
  • You may notice more anxieties building up in your life.
  • Close your notebook, or fold the paper.
  • Spend 10 minutes in prayer sharing with God why those things are concerning for you.
  • Be sure to pray, Thy will be done.
  • After praying, rest.
  • On another piece of paper, begin writing down times in our life when God helped you in your life.
  • Meditate and review these things for seven days. Write down additional ones as you think of them.
  • At the end of seven days, set aside at least an hour in prayer.
  • Go back and reexamine those 3 things that you originally wrote down.
  • Wait patiently on the Lord.

We don't always know how God's providence works. Yet, we can know that He does. Like Joseph, we don't know exactly how He did that, but we know that He did. Like that, we can know through His promises, that He takes care of us.

Thank God for those times that He has helped you. Thank Him for the times that He has worked in your life that you aren't aware of or remember.

When we recognize that God is working in our lives we begin to realize that these things which hinder us, do not need to hinder our work for the Lord.

  • Isaiah 40:31

We need to wait upon the Lord, and let Him do what He will for us.

After doing this activity see if these worries, stresses and anxieties start to go away. Or at least, they become less burdensome as we let go and allow God to work in our lives.

Trust God to help you in this time of uncertainty.

Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God...

  • 1 Peter 5:6
  • James 1:6

When we do these things, we can know that God will fulfill his promises in our lives. There will be times of fear and uncertainty but we can trust God to help us and take control of our minds.

If you would like to learn more about how to handle worry in your life, please contact us we would be thrilled to study with you.

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