The Way of Cain

The Way of Cain
September 6, 2020
Passage: Jude 1:11
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We're going to be looking at the way of Can. In the book of Jude, beginning with verse eight down through verse thirteen.

  • Jude 1:8-13

Like the cartoon of the Road Runner, and Wyle E. Coyote, when one follows after others, who lead the wrong way one may fall off the cliff.

The idea is to confuse the enemy, slow down their advance. Careless travelers can fall off the way by inattention.

Travelers should beware. Jude warns about false techers.

Woe Unto Them

An arresting warning to all who follow false teachers. False teachers, have gone the way of Cain.

Matthhew 11:21-24

Jesus was there, in their presence, and showed them many signs, yet they rejected Him.

Four Warning Signs that you May be Following the Way of Cain

The Warning Sign of Self-will

  • Genesis 4:1-5

Abel sacrificed the best of his flock. And his sacrifice was received with great favor. Cain, however, offered some of his fruit, but it was rejected. Why? We learn more of the story in the book of Hebrews.

  • Hebrews 11:4

We see that the exellence of Abel's sacrifice was because it was offered by faith.

  • Romans10:17

Faith comes by hearing, thus, Abel heard God's word and obeyed it. Apparently God wanted a blood sacrifice.

  • 2 Samuel 15:22

It is obedience that God desires, rather than man's will of sacrifice. When man follows his own will, he disobeys God. Cain did not obey by offering the command that God' commanded.

  • 1 John 3:7

By failing to do what God commanded, Cain showed himself to be unrightoeous. His actions showed his self-will

The Warning Sign of Resentment

Another sign is the sign of resentment.

  • Genesis 4:5

Cain became angry. He began to resent his brother.

Paul offers counsel to those who find themself in an emotion of anger.

  • Ephesians 4:26

There is a way to express anger. But, Cain, allowed his anger to grow to the next step.

We are to calm down, and not take our anger into wrathfulness. We are to put our emotions to constructive ends, rather than the in the way of Cain.

  • Genesis 4:6-7

If Cain, had started to do what was right, he would have been OK. God gave him another chance. But, he wouldn't heed God's warning. There is always a way of escaping temptation.

  • 1 Corinthians 10:13

Cain, in his anger, and frustration allowed himself to become jealous. God told him how to make it right, how to escape the temptation, yet he did not do the right thing.

Instead of listening to God's advice, his evil heart led him to murder.

"Whoever is angry with his brother without a cause is in danger of hell fire." - Matthew 5:22

The anger of Cain caused more damage to himself than to his brother, who ended up with the Lord.

When we continue in sin, in anger, in resentment, we follow the way of Cain.

The Warning Sign of  Selfishness

We see in Cain, the sign of selfishness. Whenever  man hates another man, he conedemns himself to death. Cain who became jealous of his brother, slew him.

  • Genesis 4:8
  • 1 John 3:14
  • 1 John 3:11-12

If he were so selfish that he inserted his will in worship, it's no wonder he would insert his own selfishness in his relationship with his brother.

That's what selfishness is... the inability to see beyond one's self.

  • Genesis 4:9

We are our brother's keeper, yet Cain, tried to deceive.

  • Romans 13:8-10

The most loving path is the one that follows Christ's teaching. When we find ourself thinking more about ourselves, rather than our fellow man, we must be careful because we are following the way of Cain.

The Warning Sign of Self-Deceit

But, Cain could not deceive God.

  • Genesis 4:10-12

His sin not only touched him but all of his descendents after him.

Jude warns us that false teachers are those who follow after the way of Cian, because they are quick to get angry at anyone who defies them.

  • 1 John 3:11-12

The Way of Cain

We must watch our ways that we follow not after the way of Cain.

  • Matthew 7:13-14

The broad way is the way of Cain that leads to destruction. We can choose to follow the narrow way the way that leads to Christ. The wide way may seem to be the easiest way, but it is the way that leads to death.

  • 1 Samuel 12:23
  • Jeremiah 6:16

The right way has  been shown to us by God.

  • Psalms 119:104-105
  • John `14:6
  • Hebrews 10:20

Christ or Cain?

Which way are you going? Are you going the way of Cain, of hatred, envy and strife? Or, are you going the right way, and turning aside from the way of Cain, the way of destruction.

Each of us have an opportunity to change our path in life, if we aren't following the right way.

You can follow the way of Christ, if you believe that He is the Son of God, are willing to confess His name before men, repenting of your sins, and will be baptized to have your sins washed away. And, then living to walk a faithful life with Him.

If you've turned back to sin, you can once again repent and turn back to Christ.

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