Bible Land Passages Gospel Meeting

Bible Land Passages Gospel Meeting | Oak Grove Church of Christ

Bible Land Passages

See the Bible come alive with a study of Bible Land Passages as we examine the evidence and geographical settings of the Bible story. Discover truths that will help in your own personal walk of faith. John Moore, Evangelist and Director of Bible Land Passages a video series project designed to help others better understand and appreciate the Bible through examining the lands of the Bible.

This series took place April 10 – 13, 2022.

Bible Land Passages Series

You can listen to, entire Bible Land Passages series below or click each title to watch the video, see sermon notes, and see the sermon slides.

  • Walking Where David Walked: From Shepherding through Kingship
  • Walking Where Jesus Walked: From Infancy through Ministry
  • Walking Where Jesus Walked: From Passion to Glory

For an opportunity to explore the Bible Lands with John Moore and the team, visit

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