Bible Text: Psalm 139:23,24 | Speaker: Luvenia Jenkins: Series: A Taste of God’s Goodness

This podcast is intended for women.

This podcast is intended for women.

Podcast: A Taste of God’s Goodness, with Luvenia Jenkins
Episode 36: As a Flower in the Field

Scriptures referenced in this podcast.

Whatever our station in life, let’s make sure we are beautiful to God, that we bring joy and satisfaction to Him, we bear fruit in His kingdom, and we sow the seed to produce other Christians.

  • Psalm 103:15,16
  • Matthew 6:28-29
  • Job 14:1,2
  • Genesis 1:31
  • Genesis 3:23
  • 1 Peter 1:23
  • John 15:5-6
  • Luke 8:11
  • Matthew 28:19-20
  • Mark 16:15,16
  • Acts 8:4
  • Psalm 1:4-6
  • Matthew 15:13

And, that’s a taste of God’s goodness.

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