Come and See

Come and See
June 21, 2020
Passage: John 1:35-42
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Seeing Jesus Through the Eyes of Peter

A lot of people see Jesus in different ways. Some see Jesus as a good moral person. They don't see him as diety, but just a good moral person to emulate. Some will see him simply as an historical figure who didn't really exist.

Those of us who are Christians see him as the Son of God, while others see him as a religoius person, like Moses, and some like a prophet.

Event he Jewish leaders who saw him, saw him as someonw who is different.

Today, we are going to look at him through the eyes of Peter, the apostle.

  • John 1:35-42

Here, Simon, who was not known as Peter, or Cephas, but Jesus gave him that name, which means a small rock. Peter must have thought something was specail about Jesus since his brother, Andrew introduced him as the Messiah.

Peter and Andrew follow Jesus for 3.5 years and saw all of his great teaching, and miracles. As the sermon on the mount teaches us they thought he was a man who taught with great authoriyt.

They see him teach great numbers,

They see him perform many miraces.

He healed the sick, fed the 5000, and even healed Peter's mother-in-law.

Peter Sees Jesus Walking on the Water

  • Matthew 14:22-33

Jesus has just fed 5000 with a few loaves and fishes. And, they gathered up basketfuls of leftovers. He sends his disciples away across the sea without hem. Just before dawn, in the 3rd watch, the storm comes up.

As they look out over the sea they see something walking on the water, and they were afraid. Jesus answers telling them to take courage, to be not afraid.

Peter seeing it was Jesus, asks him, "if it is you, let me walk to you.." And, you can just hear the impetuousness in his voice.

As, he walked, he looked down, and being afraid began to sink. But, reached his hand out to Jesus who saved him. He had some faith, but it was little, not lasting faith, at this point.

Peter, like Wile E. Coyote, setps off the boat, gets out on the sea, but looks down, and begins to sink.

Sometimes, we tend to sink in our faith when we look out at the world around us.

Jesus, can do a lot with us, if we act upon faith. Peter and the other apostles continued to follow Christ.

Peter Sees Jesus as the Son of the Living God

Jesus, some time later, gives a little quiz to his apostles.

  • Matthew 16:13-18

He asked the question, who do men say that I am? When we ask this today, who is Jesus, people answer a lot of different things.

But, Jesus aske dthem, who men say he was.

Peter, spoke and said, Thou are the Christ.

John, 3, Nicodemus of the counsil recognized that Jeuss had power. Peter, took it one step futher, knowing and understanding that He ws the Son of God.

Peter in Matthew 17, saw Jesus at the transfiguration, so he knew that he is the Son of God.

Peter Sees Jesus as the One He Would Never Forsake

  • Matthew 26:30-35

Peter's faith is strong. Here he says that even if all the owrld woulld forsake Jesus, he would not. He beleived that Jesus was the Messiah, the one to deliver Israel. Peter, states, that he would never forsake the Lord.

Yet, Jesus tells him that the very night he would deny him 3 times before the cock crows. Peter must have been crushed by those words. Surely, he believed, he would never betray him.

Peter Sees Jesus at His Trial

Later on the very same evening, we see Peter at the trial of Jesus.

  • Luke 22:54-63

Imagine the look from Jesus. Hours later after saying he'd never betray Jesus, he did just that. He denied Him, and everytime that Peter did, Jesus knew it was happening. Peter went out and wept bitterly.

What if every time we sin, and deny Jeuss, what if we wept bitterly. Everytime we sin, he knows, he feels it

Peter, perhaps, goes out and thinks everything he sees and eperienced was perhaps for nouthing.

Peter Sees Jesus Resurrected by the Seashore

Imagine, how Peter felt when he was told that the Lord had risen.

  • John 21

Peter recognizes the Lord. Peer dives into the water with his coat on to see the Lord.

Three times, Peter denied Jesus, three times Jesus allows Peter to affirm his faith. Each time the Lord asked him if he loved him, he must have felt the pain of the denial.

Peter, on the day of Pentecost is able to stand before all of Jerusalem with men from around the rowlr affirming his faith in Christ. He used thekeys of the kingdom which had been handed to him to open the door to Christianity.

Peter went on to help establish church and first took the gospel to the Jews and Gentiles.

Seeing Jesus Through the Eyes of Peter

  • Matthew 14:28-41

We can be like this. We have great faith at times. But, at other times our faith waivers.

If you have, like Peter, begunt to doubt, you can repent, turn back to the Lord.  When we fall Christ is there to forgive us and pick us back up, when we repent. He saved Peter from his own doubt in the sea, and He will save us today.

Today, the storm rages around us. We look at the world and it's scary. It seems as if the world is in Chaos. But, Jesus is in the boat in the stormy sea. Are you in the boat with Jesus?

If you aren't a Christian we urge you to put on Christ in bapism and walk faithfully with him.

If we can assist you in any way contact us so we can reach out to help you find faith in Christ Jesus.

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