Our Plea: Seek the Old Paths

Our Plea: Seek the Old Paths
March 7, 2021
Passage: Jermiah 6:16
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The basic plea of the churches of Christ , and that is to seek the old paths. Our plea is simple, to go back to the Bible. This is a simple plea, to go back to the Word. About 600 years before Christ lived, the prophet Jeremiah spoke about this, Jeremiah 6:16.

The sad conclusion of those at that time, was that they refused to walk therein. The church of Christ however, seeks to walk those paths, the paths of God.

All the way back to the word given to Adam and Even, God expected HIs people to keep His commandments, and His desire even today is that we will keep His commandments.

People will be judged by those paths, for us today, it is the word of the New Testament.

  • John 12:48
  • Revelation 20:12

Our Plea is for....
For a Return to the New Testament Organization

In the New Testament church there was no hierarchy of the church as we see today. There was not system of priests in the New Testament church. There was not one congregation that had authority over another. Each church was autonomous.

Each congregation that was mature appointed pastors, also known as elders, or bishops. They had oversight of the church in their local congregation.

They had elders, over the oversight

  • 1 Peter 5:1-3

They had no authority over the scriptures or how the church was to function

They also had deacons.

  • Philippians 1:1

They had members

  • Acts 2:41,47

You had evangelists who preached the word.

  • 1 Corinthians 9:16
  • Ephesians 4:11

We see how the church is organized, you have elders to oversee, special servants  called deacons, members and evangelist.

This plea is a biblical pleas to return to the established pattern of the church.

Our Plea is for a Return to the New Testament Plan of Salvation

This is a Biblical plea. The Lord adds to the church, man doesn't . God sets the terms for addition, not men.

  • Luke 19:10
  • Acts 4:12
  • 1 Corinthians 15:3
  • Hebrews 2:9
  • Romans 4:25

He died for our sins, he was raised from the grave for our justification. He alone is the author of eternal salvation.

  • Hebrews 5:9

We've got to follow Jesus' will because He alone has all authority over Heaven and Earth. He is the Savior of the body.

  • Matthew 28:18

He said, everyone must believe on Him as the Son of God

  • John 8:24

He said you must repent.

  • Luke 13:3,5

He said all men must confess Him before men.

  • Matthew 10:32

We must be immersed in water for remission of sins.

  • Mark 16:16

To be baptized means to be submersed, immersed into water.

Jesus said, we must be faithful.

Matthew 10:22

Let us return to the Biblically authorized plan of salvation.

Our Plea is for a return to the New Testament Pattern of Worship

Worship must be directed by Christ. He came to teach man in how to have a relationship with God. Man is not left to himself to determine how to worship. We are to worship in the way that Christ established. When we do that which is not authorized in worship, our worship becomes vain and unacceptable.


  • Matthew 15:8-9

When we don't worship according to God's word, we are worshiping in the commands of men, ant that is vain according to the Lord.

There is Singing

  • Ephesians 5:19

We are to speak to ourselves, instruments do not speak words of understanding. We are to sing songs, and hymns and spiritual songs.

Singing is spiritual, acapella, to sing in the church as a congregation without instrument. The term acapella comes from the singing "in the church" There are no choirs, or solo singers, we are to sing to one another.

There is to be Teaching

  • Acts 20:7

Paul preached to them, the word of God on the first day of the week.

  • Acts 20:26-27

We also are to give. On the first day of the week, a freewill offering is to be given.

  • 1 Corinthians 16:2
  • 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

Partaking in Communion with the Lord.

Partaking of the unleavened bread, and fruit of the vine in remembrance of the Lords' sacrifice upon he cross.

  • 1 Corinthians 11:23-26

Worship Involves Prayer

  • Acts 2:42

Worship is to be in Sprit and in Truth.

  • John 4:24

It is to be sincere and according to truth, according to God's word.

It is to be done with sincerity and fullness of heart. Does this characterize your worship? If not let's return to the New Testament pattern of worship.

Our Plea is a Return to the New Testament Pattern of Teaching

We are to teach according to the Word of God. We are to act upon the authority of the Lord.

  • Colossians 3:17
  • Romans 16:16

Essentially, there is one church because we all should teach and preach the same thing, but there are many churches in the world. Are they all correct? Are they all following the New Testament pattern of teaching?

  • Acts 16:1
  • Acts 5:14
  • Acts 9:13
  • 1 John 3:1,2
  • Acts 11:26

Each member is a member of Christ's one body.

  • Ephesians 1:22-23

We see the authorized name of the church.

We are Christians just like the Christians of the New Testement. We see that Christ loved the church. He died for the church.

  • Acts 20:28

He shed his own blood. He Built this church.

  • Matthew 16:18

He Is The Head of the Church.

He adds the saved to the church. He is he savior o the body.

  • Ephesians 5:23

In the New Testament we only see one kingdom. We are translated out of the world and into the light.

  • Ephesians 4:4-6

Followers of the Lord must preach the word.

  • 2 Timothy 4:2

We're to speak as the oracles of God.

  • 1 Peter 4:11

In ancient times one could mythically go to their oracle to find out the will of their god. Peter uses this metaphorically to say that the oracle of God is the Word of God. And, the church should speak as if they are the very oracle of God.

We're acting in that way, revealing His will by speaking HIs word.

We have to contend for the faith.

  • Jude 1:3
  • Proverbs 23:23

The gospel is God's power unto salvation.

  • Romans 1:16

We have to understand that we live in view of the judgement, we have to be faithful.

  • 2 Corinthians 5:10

We need to, John 12:48, live our lives according to God's will. The plea of the church of Christ is to go back to the Bible, to break away from doctrines of men and enjoy God's word, and God's blessings and HIs promise of Heaven.

If you aren't a member of the body of Christ, we urge you to put on Christ in baptism, Galatians 3:27. If you are one who has done those things but are not living faithful we urge you to return to the Lord today.

If we can assist you in learning how to answer the plea of New Testament Christianity, please contact us so we can study with you.


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