The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd
November 8, 2020
Passage: John 10:1-10
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We're going to be looking at the Good Shepherd. Which is a lesson based on a parable.

When we look at the life of Jeuss He was a master teacher. He taughth in any way that He could. He told word pictures, He drew in the sand, He told many parables.

We see the parable of sowing seeds, and this was a vivid picture of what the gospel message is like that many could understand. He told a parable abour a lost coin, and that is something we can easily relate to.

He told the parable about a lost son, and the we can understand the recovery of that relationship.

Each of these stories, parables we see clear word pictures.

Another great word picture we can learn from is the parable of the Good Shepherd.

  • John 10:1-10

In this parable Jesus is shown to be the Good Shepherd. The Jews who heard it, at first, didn't understand until He applied it to Himself, I Am the Door.

Jesus is the One True Shepherd

Jesus clearly shows there is no other way to God but through Him. Jesus states, I Am the door, the way to salvation.

They thought they were the guides to salvation. John 9:39-41, they ask if they are blind guides. In chapter ten He implies what they are, thieves and robbers. He declares that He is the only way that one can come to the Father.

  • John 14:6

No one can come to the Father except through Jesus Christ. Later, Peter shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no other way for men to be saved.

There is no other way into the sheepfold of God, except to go through the doorn, which is Jesus Christ.

  • John 10:19-20

When you can't argue with someone's rhetoric, you seek to tear down their character.

  • Acts 4:12

Today, to suggest that there is but one way to salvation is consiered bigoted or racists.

Jesus says there is only one way. If someone says there is another way, they are wrong. The only view they will not tolerate, is a lack of toleration int he way they define toleration.

  • John 8:32

Christians are constantly being told they are close minded. Those who suggest, and have no toleration for people like us.

Truth is always narrow minded. Liberals cry out for equal rights. Everyone, equally, has the right to the grace of God.

"For theGrace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men," - Titus 2:11

Everyone has the opportunity, the same opportunity. Everyone has the right to be saved in the way that Jesus says we can be saved.

  • Matthew 7:21
  • Hebrews 5:9

Jesus is the one true Shepherd.

A Sobering Warning for the Flock

Christians need to be on their toes because there are thieves and robbers among us.

  • John 10:8

We often spend more time trying to keep the saved, saved, than teaching and spreading the gospel. We can't be surprised by this. Paul warned Timothy of such actions.

  • 2 Timothy 3:1-5
  • 2 Timothy 4:3-5
  • 2 Peter 2:1-2

Throughout the epistles of the New Testament ther eis warning after warning about false teachers who would try to come and steal you astray from the truth. They are like robbers who come in and seek to destroy you.

Religious deceivers seek to guide people away from the truth. They lead millions away from the Lord and His church. We have many faithful brethren being decieved by liberal so-called Christians who are seeking to change the church.

  • Matthew 13:24-30

In the world, int he church itself there are those who seek to deceive us from the Word of God.

  • Luke 8:15
  • 1 Peter 2:21

We need to be careful, and warned that there are always those who seek to deceive God's people.

Defending Against Our Enemies

We need to be aware and listen for strange voices. When something doesn't sound right, based upon scripture it's probably not right.

  • John 10:5

We must exercise caution. When we hear false teachings we must run away from it.

We Must Recognize the Master's Voice

  • John 10:4, 14, 27

The only way this can be done is by a study of God's Word.

  • John 5:39
  • Acts 17:11

We must study the scriptures, to hear, and know the Word. This helps us to discern the Master's voice. Christ speaks to us, even today, through the Word, the Gospel, the New Testament. We hear the Word when we study it and commit it to our hearts and minds.

We'll be ready to defend against falst doctrine.

We Must Trust the Lord as the True Shepherd.

The sheep know that the shepherd will lead them in green pastures and beside still waters, Psalm 23. They trust the Shepherd.

  • John 10:9, 27-28

Beware of strange voices, false teachings. Be aware of the Shepher's voice, and put our trust in HIm.

We see that Jeuss is the true Shepherd.

Will You Follow Jesus?

  • Luke 9:23

The questions isn't do we need to follow Him. The Question really is will you follow Jesus? Will you do as He commands?

Will you repent of your sins, confessing him and be baptized for the remission of your sins?

If you haven't been following Jesus, everyday, taking up your cross and following Him, you can make a change, and repent today.

There will be those who scoff at following Him.

If we can assist you in learning to Follow Jesus, we invite you to contact us. 

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