What Simeon Saw

What Simeon Saw
March 10, 2019
Passage: Luke 2:21-39
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Luke 2:21-39

At the time that the Lord was born, the Jews thought their nation would be master of the world. Some believed that a king would arise like David. And that through supernatural powers their land would be restored as a world power. Others believed in a life of constant prayer awaiting the consolation of Israel.

  • Isaiah 40:1
  • Isaiah 49:13
  • Isaiah 52:9

There were those who were waiting this consolation to come from the Messiah. At the time of the purification of Mary, when He was taken to be presented at the temple and sacrifice to be made for his birth. Simeon, was there, a quiet man in the land, waiting for the consolation of the land, awaiting the Messiah. Simeon, blesses the child, which became known as the song of Simeon.

What did Simeon see when he looked at this baby child in Mary's arms?

Simeon Saw Salvation

  • Luke 2:30

Although Christ was just 40 days old, Simeon recognized him as the savior. Joseph too was told of this salvation.

  • Matthew 1:20,21

Zechariah was told that John would come to prepare the way for the Lord.

  • Luke 1:17, 67- (he hath raised up a horn of salvation.)

John spoke of this salvation that Christ would bring.

  • Matthew 3:1-3

Simeon saw the salvation, the fulfillment of prophecy.

  • Luke 2:34

After his resurrection, on the road to Emmaus Christ himself told of these things.

  • Luke 24:25

Over 300 prophecies in the OT reveal the salvation of the Lord.

  • Acts 2:23 
  • Acts 3:18
  • Galatians 4:4,5

Simeon Saw a Light for the Gentiles

  • Luke 2 32
  • Isaiah 49:6
  • Isaiah 51:4

Simeon saw the light for the Gentiles, for all mankind.

  • Isaiah 11:10

Christ had a mission, yet the apostles didn’t understand. But His wission was prophesied in scripture.

  • Psalm  98:2-3
  • Isaiah 52:10

Simeon Saw Glory for Israel

  • Luke 2:32

God chose this people to be a light to the world. Jesus in his humanity glorified God’s truth, the embodiment of the image of God in the flesh. 

The angel told about the rule that the Christ would have for the whole world.

  • Luke 1: 30, 31
  • Daniel 2
  • Acts 13:42-47
  • Isaiah 42:6

According to verse 28 before he said a word, he took him into his arms and blessed God. He had patiently waited for this fulfillment his entire life, knowing God has promised him he would see the salvation.

  • John 14:23

"Only the eye which sees Christ is satisfied with seeing." - J.W. McGarvey, in The Four-Fold Gospel

  • Philippians 1:21

He came to make peace with us. If you are still in your sin, you have no peace. The only way to reach peace is to obey the gospel that Christ left for you. In that you will receive his salvation, and you will come to know His peace. h

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