A Father’s Day Letter to Our Heavenly Father

Dear Father, Words cannot describe my feelings of gratitude and love for You. You have given me all that I have, and You have seen to it that nothing that I needed was held back from me. You gave me life; You gave me of your time, and You even gave to me that which was most precious of Yours. You made sacrifice after sacrifice for me, not out of a sense of obligation, but because You loved me and wanted for me to have the best.

A Father's Day Letter to our Heavenly Father | Oak Grove Church of Christ, Jack McNiel, Evangelist

I thank you Father for Your love and Your care for me, even though at times I was grossly undeserving of it, and rarely loved You in return. I turned my back on You and did not appreciate Your sacrifices, or Your love. But You,

Dear Father, never gave up on me. You put up with all the abuse You received from me and You were patient while I was in open defiance and rebellion against You and Your teachings. But now, Dear Father, through Your careful, patient, and tender-loving care of me and through Your teachings, You have changed my life and shown me how to become a child worthy of You. I, therefore, pray, that one day, I will become the kind of man that You would be proud to have as a son.

Dear Father, You have completely forgiven me of all that I have done against You and even built for me a place in Your house. You have received me back into Your life and blessed me once more with a family and a brotherhood. Father, surrounded by the evidence of Your love, I stand amazed that You have chosen to do all this for such an undeserving and unworthy child as I am. I hope and pray, Dear Father that I will never forget, nor take for granted Your love and concern for me; that I will always be mindful of You and that I will be ever grateful for Your wonderful expression of paternal loving-kindness toward me.

Finally, Dear Father, I pray that I can be the kind of father to my children that You would have me to be and that they will come to know You and love You as I do. I pray that they will come to a knowledge of, and understanding of Your Word; that they can truly be in fellowship with You and know You as I do.

Dear Lord, You have given so much to me and I pray that I will give myself wholly to You and that I will never again forsake You. Father, I love You with all my heart, all my soul, and all my mind. I pray that my worship this Father’s Day will be to you a sweet savor and that it will be done in spirit, as well as in truth. Dear Father, as I close this letter, I want you to know that I will dedicate each and every day of my life to You and that truly every day, to me, will be Father’s Day.

In Love and Awe of You,

Your Humble and Obedient Child

by Jack McNiel

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