Gospel Meeting, Old Truths for a New World, Oak Grove Church of Christ, April 7-10, ogchurchofChrist.org

Gospel Meeting Topics

Old Truths for a New World


The Lowest Spot on Earth, the formation of the Dead Sea

The Lowest Spot on Earth, part 2 why the Dead Sea was formed & what it means for us

Is There Any Like You on the Earth?, Job & how we can also stand out from all around us


No Guilt in Life, No Fear in Death, Daniel & the Lion’s Den; His 3 Friends & the Fiery Furnace


Why Isn’t God Changing My Situation?, Jonah, God’s use of the Ninevites to change His prophet


The Story of My Life, the story of Asaph, “Who I was, Who I am, & Who I will be”

Our Gospel Message Presenter

Derek Yarber, Guest Speaker, Gospel Meeting, April 7-10, Oak Grove Church of Christ, ogchurchofChrist.orgOur guest speaker is Derek Yarber from Lebanon, Missouri. Derek attended the Bible Institute of Missouri and attends worship at the Conway church of Christ. He is married to Vanessa, and they are the parents of three young children. Derek will join us in sharing six messages concerning Old Truths for a New World.

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