Jesus Heals a Nobleman’s Son

Jesus Heals a Nobleman’s Son
January 19, 2020
Passage: John 4:43-45
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In John 4:43-54, you picture this loving father standing at the bedside of his dying son. The fact that he’s a nobleman is secondary to the fact that he’s a loving father. As he stands there watching this son dying he remembers that man who had turned water to wine. It was so important to him that he doesn't send someone else, he went himself. He went from Capernaum to Cana to seek Jesus.

Jesus, though changes the subject. He said, except ye see signs and wonders you will not believe. This reveals that He was more concerned for the soul of the man, than the life of the child. He knew that if the child hadn't lived he would go to Heaven. Jesus purpose was to seek and save the lost.  

Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost

  • John 6:29
  • Luke 19:10
  • John 20:30-31

The purpose of miracles was to confirm that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus is more interested int he spiritual welfare of the man.

Yet, the man persisted. Jesus told him to go his way that it would be done. A servant meets him on the way and tells him his son liveth. The man asked… what time? And they said the 7th hour. Thus, He believed and his household.

What did they believe?

  • John 1:29, lamb of God
  • John 3:2, teacher come from God

They recognized that He was from God.

What is God's Message to Us? Do we Learn?

Jesus’ main concern is for your soul. If his first concern was for the physical wellness of mankind he could have healed all the sicknesses of the world. But, he is more concerned for the soul than anything else.

His first concern is for YOUR soul.

  • 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

The grace of the Lord is sufficient, because his strength is made perfect in weakness. Jesus is more interested in your soul than your health. 

He's more interested in your soul than your wealth.

  • Mathew 6:24

You cannot serve God and the things of the world.

  • Matthew 16:26

He’s more interested in your spiritual heath than physical health, and in your spiritual wealth more than physical wealth.

He's more interested in your in your spiritual relationships than your physical relationships.

  • Matthew 12;47-50

He’s more concerned about your spirituous relationship with Him and the Father than that of your physical relationships with your family.

Jesus is concerned for your soul.

  • Luke 23:39-43

His concern was for that nobleman's soul.

  • Matthew 20:20, 26-27

The wife of Zebedee was concerned for her sons prestige, but He was concerned for their souls.

Jesus isn't’ interested in prestige, yours or His. He’s interested in godliness. In John 4, we read of the woman at the well. He wasn’t interested in the class rivalry between Samaritan and Jews, or men and women, he was interested in her soul.

  • John 4:10

He’s more concerned about your soul than anything else.

Jesus is Not a Respecter of Persons

It didn’t matter that the father was a royal official. Jesus referred back to the Ye… that is plural. We might be excited if a noble person, a governor would come here to day. But Jesus wasn’t concerned with his position.

He referred to them all. Ye, as in you all. He was concerned with all of them.

  • James 2:1-12

Jesus did not have a respect of person. And, thus we aren’t to think of others as lower than we are. Mothers are to respect children regardless of those who demand time. Teachers are to teach rich and poor alike. Jesus expects us to have no respect of persons. We are all equal in Christ Jesus.

  • Galatians 3:27-28

We’re going to be rewarded for our works, not our wealth, or gender, or race.

  • John 12:48
  • Matthew 16:27

Jesus' first concern is for your souls and that he is not a respecter of persons.

Jesus’ Power is Astonishing

He entreats you to trust his promises. How do we do that?

  • Matthew 11:23

He did mighty works. He did this from another location. He showed great power uttering words from a distance and it was done. He uttered words and the sea calmed.

  • Mark 4:35

He uttered words and called a man from the grave.

  • John 11:43

This is why we should love and trust Christ, because of the resurrection of the dead.

  • John 6:40
  • 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

Because of the things Jesus has done, because of his miracles and great power we can trust him to do what he says. That power is astonishing. Surely, if he could do those things when he was on the earth, he can surely raise us up in the last day.

The case of the nobleman's son shows that God has much to tell you about Jesus' top priority. His priority is for your soul. There's nothing more important than your soul. He has a great sense of fairness, in that, He is no respecter of persons. Everyone who does righteousness is accepted by Him. His power is astonishing. His power can raise you up on the last day.

You must react on the belief that He has that power. Once believed, you can repent of your sins, and have your sins washed away in baptism to walk in a a faithful life so that you can be raised up with Him on that last day.

Jack McNiel, Evangelist
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