Reflections on the Bible

Reflections on the Bible
September 19, 2021
Passage: Philippians 4:8
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We're going to reflect on different aspects of reflections over the next few times that I'm able to speak to you.

Tonight, Reflections on the Bible. And, I want to start with its mean, what are we saying when we talk about reflections. 

Reflection: Consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose.

It is a thought, idea, or opinion formed or remark made as a result of meditation. As we take a look at various themes we'll see some scriptural justification for taking time to reflect. 

  • Philippians 4:8

Paul concludes his statement there, to think on these things. The NKJV says to meditate on these things. 

Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise so we can reflect on them. So we begin tonight with reflections on the Bible

The Bible is the Way to True Happiness

  • Psalm 1:1-3

The truly blessed person is he who delights in the law of the Lord, meditates on it day and night, and thus will flourish as is described here as a fruitful tree.

10 Reflections on the Bible

1) Virtues found in the Bible

  • Psalm 19:7-11

Many virtues are listed here on what the Word of God is. And, what His law and commandments entail. 

  1. They're perfect, allowing the converting of the soul.
  2. They're sure making the simple wise.
  3. They're right, and our hearts can rejoice.
  4. The Bible is pure, enlightening the eyes, there is nothing that will lead us astray.
  5. It is clean, and by being clean there is nothing in it to corrupt it and it will endure forever.
  6. It is true and righteous.
  7. When you truly understand its value you'll know that it is more valuable than gold. 
  8. What it tells us is sweeter than honeycomb when we're on the right side of it. 

The Bible is also a warning to the servant of God telling us how we can take hold of the great reward at the end of our life. 

2) The Bible is a Help for the Youth

  • Psalm 119:9

The Bible is capable of helping the young to cleanse their way. When the young take heed of it and do as is required of a Christian then they've laid a foundation of being a Christian example and gaining an eternity with God.

3) The Bible Guards Against Sin

  • Psalm 119:11

If we take what the Bible says and hide it in our hearts that means we've internalized it. We've taken the things it wants us to do and we've applied it to our daily living. It becomes a part of us, what we do. It helps us to avoid sin because it cautions us. If we too apply the word of God in our hearts it too can help us to avoid sin.

4) The Bible Makes One Wise

  • Psalm 119:97

If we're willing to study and meditate on the Word of God, we are going to be wiser than our enemies, our teachers, and the ancients. We'll have the knowledge, that is eternal, the knowledge that will allow us to take on our eternal form and be with God and Christ in Heaven.

In order for that to happen, we have to be willing to keep His precepts, commands, and directions. 

5) The Bible is a Light for Us

  • Psalm 119:105

The Bible is going to be what shows us how to proceed through life. It's going to light up the darkness for us. It's going to give us assurance even in our darkest time. It's a lamp for our feet and a light for our path as we go through this world. 

6) The Bible is a Source of Great Peace

  • Psalm 119:165

For those who love the Lord's Word and obey it, internalize it, and meditate on it, nothing will cause them to stumble. They can face whatever is thrown at them throughout life. And, if they've got the power, the Word of God, hid in their heart and they refer to it, meditate on it, they'll gain eternity.

7) God's Word, The Bible, is a Source of Comfort and Hope

  • Romans 15:4

The Word of God has been written and provided to us so that we can have comfort. So that we can learn what we need to do. By having that knowledge we have the comfort and hope for eternal salvation.

8) The Bible, the Word of God is Living and Powerful

  • Hebrews 4:12

It's sharper than any two-edged sword. It cuts both ways. It can separate the physical from the spiritual. It can discern between a man's thoughts and intents and his actions. Something we cannot do, we cannot look at one another and say he meant that, but God's Word can.

9) The Bible is a Life-giving Word

  •  James 1:21
  • 1 Peter 1:23

The Bible, the Word of God is life-giving. It is able to save our souls when we receive it with meekness. It is an incorruptible seed and is capable of causing us to be born again. Because of what's in it, it's especially a life-giving word that we can have a new life, a new life in Christ. The word is capable of producing that new birth and it gives us spiritual growth when we desire it and dig into it.

10) The Bible is a life Giving Word

  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17

God's Word will guide us throughout our lives. It is inspired by God. Every Word is breathed out by God. And so, it is profitable for us, for the doctrine, the teaching, for reproof, correction, and instruction, that the man of God, anyone following the Word will be complete for every good work that we do.

There are ten things to reflect on about the Word of God. The Bible is a wonderful source of many great blessings for those who are willing to meditate on God's Word, willing to read it, and most importantly are willing to obey it.  

Secular Thoughts About the Bible

Patrick Henry is most notably famous for saying, "Give me liberty or give me death." Said of the Bible:

"The Bible is worth all the other books which have ever been printed." — Patrick Henry

Charles Dickens, one of the world's greatest literary writers of all time said:

"The New Testament is the very best book that ever was or ever will be known in the world.” — Charles Dickens

How many people say that something else they do, someone else has already done that. Charles Dickens basically said, I won't write the best book, that has already been done, he said the best book that will ever be is the Bible. 

Abraham Lincoln said: 

“I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good from The Savior of the world is communicated to us through this Book.” — Abraham Lincoln

Ronald Reagan said: 

“Within the covers of this one single book, the Bible, are the answers for all the problems that men face today. If only we would read it an believe it.” — Ronald Reagan

I don't know if any of these four men obeyed the gospel and became a New Testament Christian. But, they understood that the Bible was valuable. They understood how important God's message is that's in those words. 

As we close out the reflection on the Bible we've seen that the Bible is the true way to happiness. We've seen that it's a book that contains many virtues and we've touched on a few. It is a helper to the young who are just beginning life. It is a guard against sin as we journey through this life. It's able to make us wise. It's light and a lamp to show us our way. It's a source of peace, comfort, and hope. It is living, powerful, lifegiving, and life guarding. It is highly esteemed by those who have wisdom, God's wisdom. It is highly esteemed by those of the world. 

What does the Bible mean to us? What do we think about the Bible? How do we show what we think about the Bible?

  • Psalm 199:162

Do we rejoice as the psalmist? The Bible is more available now than at any time in the history of man. How do we react to having it?

As we close out the lesson, I want to encourage us to study the Bible daily. To not take it for granted. It is a powerful tool, the most valuable book we will ever have on this earth. It is the Word of God. 

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