What’s That in Your Hand, Moses

What’s That in Your Hand, Moses
September 25, 2021
Passage: Exodus 4:1-9
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My topic is What is in your hand Moses? What's happening is that Moses is in a conversation with God. And, he's trying to get out of what God wants him to do.

  • Exodus 4:1-2

In the middle of Moses making excuses, God asks him what's in his hand?

What is this staff? If you go back to chapter 3 what was Moses doing? He was a shepherd. So, there is a good change that this staff, is a shepherds' hook. A staff was used to defend his sheep and also to rescue the sheep. He could use it grab the sheep and bring it back.

  • Psam 23:4

That staff that the shepherd would carry brought safety and comfort for the flock That staff was a valuable tool to the shepherd. A shepherd needed that valuable tool.

Think about trades today, what do you need. You need a tools to help equip you for the tasks ahead..

God took a tool used for Moses' trade and showed him that he was going to use it for another purpose. He's going to use it for His trade going forward.

Now, think about the tool you have in your hand today. What's your staff?

  • 2 Timothy 3:16,17

Moses' Staff Equipped Him for a Purpose

What does a tool do for a person in a trade? It equips him for what he needs. Our tool today, is the Word of God, our staff is the Word of God. Our tool equips us for today.

The Staff Equipped Moses for the Ways He Needed to Be as a Leader

In looking at the ways that the staff equipped Moses, we're going to look at four excuses that Moses was making. These excuses show us what a leader needs. We will find out that Moses already had these abilities.

  • Exodus 3:10-11

The first thing that comes to Moses' mind, is I'm just a shepherd. He wonders who am I, as a person? He's humble, he has a humble attitude, he doesn't think too highly of himself.

Equipped with Humilty and Confidence

It's interesting, here he's 80 years old. But, let's look back to when he was 40.

  • Exodus 2:11

At this point, of 40, did he think he was the person for the job? Yes! Now, he's 80 he's saying, "Who am I?" He's humbled.

A servant, one who works for God, is humble. Being humble means realizing I'm not the best person for the job but being willing to do it anyway.

There needs to be confidence too. Confidence is knowing that one's talents are useful for the task.

It takes both humility and confidence. Moses had humility but needed to build his confidence.

Think about us. When we're given a task, perhaps we have to speak to someone, a friend, about the truth. Or, it's young man, standing up to give a prayer or to give a devotional. Do you think, "Who am I?" Do you need confidence?

What did God say to Moses?

  • Exodus 3:12

God said, I will be with you. Shouldnt' that give him confidence? Shouldn't it give us confidence, today?

  • Hebrews 13:5

The Word of God helps build our confidence. Our staff, the Word of God, builds confidence. The Word of God gives Moses that confidence. When he had that staff didn't it give him confidence? When we have the word of God in our hand, shouldn't it give us confidence?

We need to be equipped with humility.

  • James 4:10
  • Proverbs 14:26

When we realize that a fear of God is more than man, that can give us confidence. Knowing that God is with us, gives us confidence. Our staff, the word of God equips us to have the confidence we need

Equipped with the Word of Life

  • Exodus 3:13

Moses doesn't know what he would say. He didn't know if the people would believe that he was a messenger of God. God says, to say "I am," sent me.

  • Revelation 1:18, 4:8

He is the beginning, and the end, the alpha and the omega.

This statement describes the true God. In egypt there were many gods. But, when he could go in and say that the one true God sent him, that gave him confidence. And the people who heard him, could be confident that what he would say was from God.

What can we say?

  • 2 Peter 1:3

We have everything we need right here. We have everything we need for life. We have the Words of life and what is needed to get to Heaven.

  • John 17:17

We have the truth. Our staff equips us for what we need to say. Moses was equipped for what he needed to say.

Equipped with Evidence

  • Exodus 4:1-9

Moses, his third excuse, what do I tell them?

God tells him to cast his rod on the ground. What does God give him? Evidence. The rod turns to a serpent, his hand changes, and that's evidence.

Can our staff, the Word of God, give us evidence? Many will question it.

Think about the natural evidence that we can see.

  • Hebrews 11:3

We can look around us and just know that this world didn't just happened. We can see that there is a Divine Creator, and that Creator is God. There is natural evidence.

There is also scientific evidence. 

  • Genesis 1:11-12

God says a seed produces it's own kind.

We can see that God designed it hat way. We can use that. That's just one piece of scientific evidence that Creation is true.

There is also historical evidence. 

  • Daniel has prophecies that securla history bears out as evidence for truth.

If somoene questions ther is a God, we can use natural evidence, scientific eficend, and historical evidence to prove that the Word of God is true.

The book of Acts, has historical, and scientific evidence that the word of God is true.

Equipped with Ability

  • Exodus 4:10

He doesn't think he can speak.

The last excuse aggravates God. He says he's not eloquent, he says he's not capable. But, God knew, God chose him, and he was making excuses.

  • Exodus 14:13

Moses is talking here. What had just happened. Their on the edge of the Red Sea, Pharoah's army is coming. And, Moses stood up, and spoke. He calmed them, and gave them confidence.

Look at the book of Deuteronomy. He speaks three sermons. Did God know that Moses had the ability to speak? Of course He did. But, at this time, Moses, didn't know or have the confidence that he could.

What about us today? Does God know what we are able to do?

  • Matthew 25:14-29

You look at this parable, you have three men. Two of them took their talents and used them to increase the talents. One was scared, and he hid his talent afraid to use it. In a sense, this third man is like Moses. Moses was trying to hide his talent in the sand.

How many of us try to hide our talents in the sand? God has given us abilities. He knows what we can do. Too often, in the church, we try to hide our talents.

God knows we have talents and he's give us responsiblity. What happens to those who don't use their talents? We'll be cast into a place where there will be gnashing of teeth.

God's word equips us for everything that we need. It equips us for the trade that's before us. The power is not in us. This staff, the word of God is extremely powerful. The power is not in us, it's in God's Word.

  • Exodus 4:20

This staff, is no longer a shepherd's hook. It is now a tool to display the Word of God.

  • Exodus 7:9
  • Exodus 7:17
  • Exodus 8:5
  • Exodus 8:16
  • Exodus 9:23
  • Exodus 10:13
  • Exodus 14:15

Was that power in him? No. God uses Moses and his staff to bring about powerful things.

  • Exodus 17:8-15

That staff represented the power of God. Think about our staff, the Word of God. It is the power of God.

  • Romans 1:16
  • Hebrews 4:12

The power of God is through His message. It is through the staff that we wield.

  • 1 Corinthians 2:1-5

The power doesn't need to be in us. We don't have to think of wise words to say to someone. It's not in what I say, the wisdom of me. It's when we use the Bible, the Word of God. When we use this, the staff that we wield, it pierces the hearts of people.

  • Acts 2, on the day of Pentecost
  • Acts 7, when Stephen preached the gospel.

It pierces hearts differently. Great things can be done when we use our staff.

The Staff Glorifies God

What did Moses using the staff do? It brought about recognition of the glory of God.

  • Exodus 8:19

They recognized the power and glorified God.

  • Exodus 10:7

They recognized the Lord.

  • Joshua 2:8

The word spread about the glory of God. What did Rahab do? She glorified God.

When we wield our staff, the Word of God, does it glorify God?

  • Matthew 5:13

When we wield the word of God, it should and will glorify God.

Did Moses always use the staff to glorify God?

  • Exodus 20:1-13

Moses, in this case, used his staff to disobey God. God said to speak to the rock. What did he do? He struck it. He didn't glofiry God. He spoke words to glorifiy himself.

Can the Word of God be used to glorify ourselves? Yes, we can use it incorrectly. When we use the Word of God are you glorifying God?

Are you going to pick up your staff, and let it equip you to govercome your fears? Are we going to let it help us to know what we're going to say, to help us to build our confidence and know how to be help others. Will we let it equip us for every good work?

Let each one of us take up our staff and glorify God in all that we do.

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