The Importance of Worship

The Importance of Worship
July 12, 2020
Passage: Psalm 96:9
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"O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth." — Psalm 96:9

The ability to worship God in the beauty of holiness is what we all want to develop. We all want to develop the ability to worship God on a deeper level.

What is Worship?

It refers to worth ship, God is worthy to be praised. It stems from a heart that overflows with gratitude.

Our worship is reinforced with godly living.

True worship is seen in the fragrance of worship prepared in the Old Testament.

  • Exodus 30:33

In this passage, we see the appointment for the making of an oil to be used in worship. It was to be unique, and not made for any other use.

Our worship should also, be something unique and set apart. It should be holy, and used only in times of worship and praise to Him.


What does the Bible teach about worship?

As we read in, Psalm 96:9, we are to worship in the beauty of holiness.

Jesus' Teaching on Worship

What did Jesus have to say about worship? When he spoke to the woman at the well, he taught about true worship.

  • John 4:23-24

Here this woman, the Samaritan woman, the Samaritans worshiped God in the way they felt was correct. The Jews, however, believed they were to worship on the mountain in Jerusalem.

Jesus wants true worshipers to worship from the heart. He speaking to one person, a woman, is to worship as an individual, in spirit and in truth.

The Importance of Worship

True worship is importance, because the Father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

  • John 4:20-24
  • 1 Peter 2:5
  • Romans 12:1

Worship is the very core of Christian life. It is important to worship in spirit and truth.

Jesus Seeks True Worshipers

The fact that it says, true worshipers indicates that it is possible to worship falsely.

  • Matthew 15:8-9

This is worship that is vain. It is worthless.

  • Acts 17:22-23, ignorant worship
  • Colossians 2:23, will worship

In reality there are only two kinds of worship, the true and acceptable worship, and the false and unacceptable worship.

Forms of Unacceptable Worship

Jesus is looking for true worshipers. But, there are those who worship falsely.

  • Romans 1:20-23

Worship of false gods

False worship began with Cain. He killed his brother, and left his home, and went out and lived with other men. Cain left God.

  • Genesis 4:16
  • Romans 1:20-23

When man leaves God, he will turn to false worship. Man will worship something. And, when he doesn't worship God, he worships something.

The worship of images is false worship.

  • Isaiah 2:6-9
  • Isaiah 44:12-17

That is a form of idolatry. But, that's not the only form. There is also the worship of the things which we place above God the Father.

Wrong Form of Worship

Another form of false worship is when one worships in the wrong object of worship.

  • Exodus 32:1-6

In there minds, they made Moses an object of worship. But, when he was on the mountain for an extended time, they looked to make something else the object of their worship.

Self-styled Worship

The worship of the true God in the wrong kind of manner.

  • Leviticus 10:1-2

This worship was not in the way that God had prescribed, and it was not pleasing to God.

  • 1 Samuel 13:8-13

Saul performed a function which was only to be done by the high priest.

  • 2 Samuel 6:6-7

No one but the Levites were to touch the ark. He took the liberty of transporting it in the wrong way, and touching it. God was displeased with his action. Thus, he was punished.

  • Matthew 15:1-9

They built their own self-styled system of worship.

We need to make a distinction between truth, and tradition. Tradition is only good if it is authorized in scripture.

Wrong Attitude in Worship

We may eliminate the false worship from our lives, but if we don't have the right attitude we are still wrong in our worship.

  • Hosea 6:4-7

If we are not worshiping in the right way, and with the right attitude we cannot be pleasing to God.

As we examine ourselves, our motive, and means of worship, are we pleasing to God?

As Christians, we are to submit ourselves to God, to His will. If we are not, we cannot please Him.

If you are not a Christian, one who has submitted your life to the will of God, you can do so by believing that Jesus is the Son of God, repenting of sins in obedience to His will, confessing Him as Lord, and being buried in baptism to have your sins washed away. And, then, you can walk a faithful life, growing in knowledge and worshiping in spirit and in truth.

If we can assist you in learning to worship God in spirit and truth, in the right way, please contact us.

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