Learn to Discern Youth Rally 2022

Join us for a youth rally focused on how to learn to discern God’s righteousness in a world that seeks to develop a culture that is opposed to Christian living.

Learn to Discern, Youth Rally 2022 | Oak Grove Church of Christ, with Joe Wells

When it comes to matters of morality, humanity, government and truth we don’t have to guess how God would have us respond in cultural situations. We read clearly in the Bible that there is one God, who is Creator, and is above all, through all, and in all, Ephesians 4:6. God is the Judge and our faithful response is to Learn to Discern His righteous judgements so that we can live our lives striving to glorify God.

Learn to Discern with Joe Wells, October 1, 2022

Joe Wells

Guest Speaker: Joe Wells

Joe Wells earned his B.S. degree in Science, a certificate of completion from the Nashville School of Preaching and Biblical Studies, and a Masters of Ministry degree from Freed Hardeman University. Joe travels the country as a frequent speaker for youth and family events, men’s days, as well as gospel meetings.

Additionally, he is the co-founder of Kaio Publications, publishers of the Family Devotional series as well as the Finer Grounds Bible Study series for women. Joe has authored several books about faith, culture and spirituality.

He and his wife Erin are the co-hosts of The Hey Joe Show, a podcast designed to challenge and strengthen families and teens across America.  They are the proud parents of four beautiful children: Colton, Michala, Camden, and Bennett.

Youth Rally Topics

Listen to the recordings from our Learn to Discern Youth Rally 2022.

Session 1: Learn to Discern: Absolute Truth

Learn to Discern Absolute Truth | Youth Rally, Oak Grove Church of Christ, Joe Wells – Guest Speaker

Session 2: Learn to Discern: Self-Worth

Learn to Discern Self Worth | Youth Rally, Oak Grove Church of Christ, Joe Wells – Guest Speaker

Session 3: Learn to Discern: Media

Learn to Discern Media | Youth Rally, Oak Grove Church of Christ, Joe Wells – Guest Speaker

Special thanks to Joe Wells for his efforts in presenting these youth rally topics to our young people.